Educational Consultation:

At present we are working with a well-established and well reputed preschool in Ahmedabad. The management approached us with the request that they would like to ‘jazz up’ their existing curriculum and teaching practices.

Currently we are working with them on the following areas

    • Introduction of STEM principles in the prevailing teaching practices
    • Enhancing the classroom environment: we are working towards taking the ‘corners’ beyond the usual doll’s corner, blocks corner, math table and science table and literacy corner. We have introduced new corners such as mark making corner, small world corner and ITC – information, technology and communication corner.

    Pretend Play Corner – Clothes Theme                             Science Table – Plants Theme                                                  Math Corner

  • Literacy program: Along with the team, we are working on developing a robust literacy program. Our literacy program goes beyond phonics, three letter words and writing. We have introduced a reading scheme. We have introduced a reading scheme, wherein reading is introduced in a more structured and developmentally appropriate fashion rather than a ‘hit-or-miss’ approach.
  • Interest based planning: The preschool currently follows theme based planning. This is a good approach to planning activities for young children, however activities planned based on children’s current interest yields better results for children and more satisfaction for teachers.

To ensure children’s interests are reflected in planning of everyday activities, we are working towards honing teacher’s observation, planning and assessment skills.

Early Intervention for Children with Visual Impairment

We are proud to be associated with Samaj Suraksha Sankul, a unit of Deepak Foundation’s early intervention program for the children with visual impairment. This is a one of a kind project and as far as our knowledge goes one of the first in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat.

We are working with the foundation on the following:

  1. Dark Room: Foundation had identified the need for a dark room for young children with visual impairment. We are now in the process of creating this dark room. This includes identifying and sourcing of resources such as resources with optic fibers and toys that illuminate. Besides the dark room we are also contributing towards creating specially designed tactile teaching-learning resources for young children.
  2. Documentation: We are developing the initial assessment tools and IEP/IPP (Individualized Education/Play Plan) format. We also aim to create a document with age appropriate developmental milestones to facilitate the team in selecting individual goals for young children.
  3. Awareness and admissions: Since this is a new initiative, there is a need for creating an awareness of the services being offered. Therefore, we are also part of the foundation’s awareness drive and are closely working with their media and marketing team.

Parent workshop:

It was a privilege to conduct Parent Workshop at Ahemdabad Management Association. The topic was pre-writing skills in early years; we talked about how investing in physical development will facilitate writing skills and also talked about what parents can do at home to make pre-writing and writing fun for children.

Children should enjoy writing and not endure it.

Teacher workshops:

With a well-known preschool in Vadodara, we conduct monthly teacher workshops. The aim here is to provide ongoing support to the team and build reflective teaching practices. Often topics for workshops are designed keeping in mind the needs of the teachers and parents.

One of our most popular workshop is on Emerging Writing Skills. This workshop is very popular with parents too.